2017 The KELLOGG COLLEGE community engagement and academic merit award

Our research fellow, Dr. Tsi  Njim, has received the Kellogg College Community Engagement and Academic Merit Award. This award is offered to students who have shown a record of disseminating research to members of the public and who have excelled academically... more

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2016 New Voice in Global Health Award (NVGH) – World Health Summit / M8 Alliance

Dr. Christian Akem Dimala,a 2HD research fellow was selected as one of the 10 New Voices in Global Health (NVGH) in 2016 at the World Health Summit in Berlin, by
the M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centres, Universities and National Academies. This held under the high patronage of the Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, the President of France Francois Hollande, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, and in the presence of several European and African ministers of Health and Foreign
Affaires, WHO regional directors and renown researchers and clinicians among others.With the aim to empower research, policy and advocacy initiatives among future leaders in global health, he was given the opportunity to present his work under the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine which was centered on the synergistic association between communicable and non-communicable diseases.... More about

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2017 Sir George Alberti Award

Our exercutive director, Prof. Choukem, received
the Sir George Alberti Award at the 3rd African Diabetic Congress in Cameroon for his  scientific achievement in the area of diabetes in Africa,  contribution to the training of future generation of leaders in diabetes in Africa, and  commitment to develop sustainable
international standard research and practice in Africa.
He also proudly delivered the Sir George Ablerti Award lecture on that occasion....More about

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Through our connections we have placed brilliant medical doctors in UK and Belgian universities for Maters and PhDs in public/global/international health or to take a clinical specialization and return back in Cameroon. Supporting 2HD will certainly contribute to the achievement of the 3rd and 4th sustainable development goals.

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