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The “Health and Human Development (2HD) Research Network” started operating in 2010 as a family of committed researchers The “Health and Human Development (2HD) Research Network” started operating in 2010 as a family of committed researchers consisting of senior medical students working on their MD thesis, young medical doctors and other mid-career health professionals
under the supervision and mentorship of Dr Simeon Pierre CHOUKEM. This, in reality, is the result of a long term dream of achieving greater things dating back to the time when Dr Choukem was a medical student in the 1990s.
The group gained momentum in 2013 after Dr Choukem got his Professorship in Medicine (Paris), coupled with his numerous collaborative visits and fellowships in the University of Oxford (since 2012) and the University of Bristol, UK (since 2014).
The admission of Prof Choukem to the prestigious Cruddas Link Fellowship (Tseu Medical Institute, Harris
Manchester College, University of Oxford, UK) since 2014 further contributed tremendously to the growth of the 2HD Research Network.
Our mission is to contribute to sustainable human development in Africa through quality health research, health prevention and promotion, and furtherance of the next generation of African researchers/health professionals. As such, we expect all our members to provide research output that is relevant and translates to better health care, and to behave as leaders eager to mentor others. We also give special consideration to charity for care of rare/neglected non-communicable diseases in poors, through our connections with physicians/institutions who offer free/low cost investigations and care.
Our motto :  Prevention, Research, Furtherance
2HD is registered in Cameroon as a not-for-profit association, Ref N° 678/2017/RDA/C19/SAA

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Through our connections we have placed brilliant medical doctors in UK and Belgian universities for Maters and PhDs in public/global/international health or to take a clinical specialization and return back in Cameroon. Supporting 2HD will certainly contribute to the achievement of the 3rd and 4th sustainable development goals.

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