What we do

We rely on the commitment and dedication of our members. Our main aim is to improve health in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) through the promotion and development of quality research in the field of non-communicable diseases (NCD) and their connections with infectious diseases, as well as the promotion of high quality medical education and practice. We are organized in coordinated teams that perform the various activities.
     We do and promote clinical research
          Design and conduct research in the field of NCD and their connections with infectious diseases
          Network young researchers in the field of NCD.
          Seek funds for research
     We do health prevention and education
     We further the next generation of African researchers
         Encourage medical students and clinicians to get involved in clinical research
         Train medical students and clinicians in research method and publishing.
      We have special interest in caring for rare endocrine diseases, and neglected NCD in Africa such as diabetes in children
         Fund raising
         Raise public awareness
         Networking for their management
      We do consultancy and expertise
         Consultancy in medical communication, conference planning and organisation
         Consultancy in lay public sensitisation programmes 
          Scientific and medical translation
         Consultncy in medical training (curriculum)
         Consultancy in drugs and medical devices marketing strategy

Support us

Through our connections we have placed brilliant medical doctors in UK and Belgian universities for Maters and PhDs in public/global/international health or to take a clinical specialization and return back in Cameroon. Supporting 2HD will certainly contribute to the achievement of the 3rd and 4th sustainable development goals.

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