University of Britol, UK; Ref: Prof Julian Hamilton-Shield

During his fellowship in the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism (OCDEM) in late 2012,
Prof Choukem got in contact with Prof Julian Hamilton Shield of the Biomedical Research Unit in Nutrition, University of Bristol, in order to develop research in childhood obesity. He visited the University of
Bristol in June 2014 as an IAS/Benjamin Meaker visiting Professor (link to the web page and blog) and this consolidated the collaboration. Since
then, the BRU has supported the 2HD in data analysis of data on childhood obesity. Two papers have been published from this collaboration in 2016.

University of Oxford, UK. Ref: Prof David R Matthews, Prof Rury Holman

Collaboration with the University of Oxford was initiated when Prof Choukem attended the Robert Turner course in diabetes research in Oxfordin March 2007. A link was maintained with the then Director of OCDEM, Prof David Matthews. In 2012, Prof Choukem visited the OCDEM as an EASD-Albert Reynold fellow for 2 months, from October to December and worked within the Diabetes Trial Unit (Prof Rury Holman). Upon the success of the academic visit, Prof Choukem was selected in 2014 as a Cruddas link fellow in the Tseu Medical Institute, Harris Manchester
College (
The Fellowship is a group of 5 young researchers in diabetes from 4 continents; they meet annually in Oxford under the supervision of Prof David Matthews to brainstorm and share on diabetes research and individual development in home countries. The annual provision awarded by the fellowship has been the major fuel to the growth of 2HD Research Network, and is acknowledged in all papers published by 2HD since 2015.


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Through our connections we have placed brilliant medical doctors in UK and Belgian universities for Maters and PhDs in public/global/international health or to take a clinical specialization and return back in Cameroon. Supporting 2HD will certainly contribute to the achievement of the 3rd and 4th sustainable development goals.

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